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Monday, November 18, 2013

Miley Cyrus and Wrecking Ball...and, me.

I know that I am a little too old to have been under the "Hannah Montana" spell....even my kids are too old for that...and I have sons who would not have watched it, anyways if it was around when they were kids/tweens. We had hordes of kids (mostly boys)  at my house after school playing Super Mario on the big screen TV because their parents weren't home from work yet and ...I was home...lots of Mountain Dew, chips and salsa, fruit-by-the-foot or whatever that fake fruit leather was called- Tostino Pizza Rolls...sigh- yes, I was THAT mom who fed your kids sodium filled crap after school- that, and roller hockey on the hardwood floors of the downstairs- or Youth Ministry meetings for Team Leaders...yah, a whole 'nother topic...some of you were there :) ha ha!! BUT- we had a lot of good conversations!!

But- I do watch the news, and read Mashable, and keep up with current events...I'm not THAT old, after all!! I know that Miley has talent as a singer, and as a 'celebrity'; although, I don't always appreciate her artistic ventures.  Especially the naked twerking stuff. Sigh.

I sort of get her, at least, this week, after watching "Glee".

I have to admit, "Glee" has been my guilty pleasure for the past few years. I LOVE music- all kinds of music- and they have featured a lot of music that I really like (read: know all the words and sing along) and other music that I have had to check out.

"Wrecking Ball" was one of those songs.

It was featured on "Glee" this past week...and it hit me pretty hard (well, I do follow the story line). I do understand the life of a high school student, having worked with them for so many years- and I know how a seemingly innocuous event could be life-changing.

I get why Miley did a video of 'Wrecking Ball' pretty much naked.
She was suffering. In pain. Wondering who she she lovable...she has been hurt.
I get it, now.
Poor girl.

I hope that all of the young people who hear her song know that they ARE loved- someone cares- and that life is not over or full of despair when you feel lonely, or unloved, or outcast.

Life will get better.

All of us go through times when we do stupid or bad things and we feel self-contempt...but the wonderful thing about life is that we can get better! We are not the sum of our weakness.
I want you all to think about a time when you did something you were ashamed of or something bad, or evil. That is not who you are!
You  CAN move beyond your worst moment.
The 'Wrecking Ball" can be a force for good and for hope.

I am filled with hope--but I know who I am.
I am lovable- I am good- I am worthy- I am a mature person who is still discovering all the amazing things I can accomplish!

Who are you?
I think you are awesome!

Here are the lyrics...

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