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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Kevin decided to surprise me and take me with him fly fishing on Spring Creek today. We had a freeze last night- not sure the yellow squash is going to make it!- so it was very cold when we headed out this morning after a BLT breakfast.
He offered to let me wear his winter neoprene chest waders. They almost fit. NOT!
OK I looked like a moose wading in the water, but it was pretty cool! By the way, the water was FREEZING cold!

I stayed in the water and took some awesome pictures downriver...

And, eventually, I took some pictures of Kevin actually fishing ....

He didn't catch anything, but, it was a lot of fun!
I love living here.....snow, rain, thunder, lightning, sunshine, clouds, gardening, fly fishing, new truck buying...all in one weekend!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone...and NEVER forget the sacrifice of our veterans. Kevin's Dad is a Vet of the Korean War, our son Patrick is a Veteran of Iraqi Freedom...and we have many friend who have served over the years....we honor them all this weekend.

Last night, we watched, "The Devil's Brigade", and tonight we will watch, "The Longest Day"...and tomorrow, I can rest assured that we will most likely watch, "Heartbreak Ridge", "Glory" (best movie EVER) ,"The Dirty Dozen", " The Outlaw Jesse Wales", "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" and "In Harm's Way.". Maybe "The Big Red One" or "A Bridge Too Far"...all of which we own on DVD.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snow and the Chicks

Foggy refused to exit the coop yesterday. We had a little snowstorm (usual for Memorial Day!) and she did not like the snow. She made little chicken noises of distress....and paced back and forth in the run.
She finally jumped out and walked around a little bit with the other girls...
But she was very vocal about her objection to the cold white stufff!
Of course, by today, we had snow, rain, hail, sunshine and wind...again. Here are the girls relaxing in the garden, hanging out on the tomato cages. We keep catching them trying to eat the squash plants....I am hoping we will at least get a zucchini plant to maturity! Oh, and the green things are called "Walls of Water". Greatest invention for gardeners who have a very short growing season and unpredictable spring/summer weather!

Ceili the German Shepherd

Ceili, our German Shepherd, will be 12 years old in a couple of weeks. We got her from Deblyn's in Gustine, CA in 2000. Her AKC name is "Deblyn's Irish Ceili". She has certainly lived up to her name!
Ceili has been slowing down a lot in the past few months. She loves to romp around the yard in either the snow or the grass...but her back legs have been giving her some trouble for the past couple of months and she just can't run around like a nut anymore.
Ceili has always loved babies...of all types. She was the one who guarded the Yorkie puppies and let them sleep on her head and between her paws. She still loves it when Bridget the Yorkie lays on her back or uses her as a ladder to look out the window! She has also developed a great curiosity about the chickens.

She will lay on the grass, endlessly, and just watch them. They chickens drive the Yorkies berserk...but Ceili just wants to watch them.
This is Ceili's couch. She hangs out in the living room with us, just watching TV or snoozing.
This is another very common asleep and snoring on the living room floor. For a 90 lb. GSD, she spends a lot of time napping...but just wait until the UPS truck drives down our street or someone rings the's TIME TO BARK!

We hope she has many more years with us, but I wanted to post about this special girl in case her time is coming to a close.She has been a very faithful companion. I spend a lot of time with her, and we have done some very fun training. And-she is the biggest lap dog I've ever had!

Moving to Blogger!

I have decided to move my blog to Blogger. I can connect with my Google+ account, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and it looks like I'll have a LOT less problems with posting!
This is a pretty funny picture of the girls...they do enjoy roosting on Kevin's tomato cages. Bo is mid-flight to join Moa in the bug hunt!
This is before they got scared and ran into the coop--we have had rain, sunshine and hail on and off all day.