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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beautiful Tahoe...

Today we decided to make a road trip to check out several places in the Lake Tahoe area, as well as routes for winter skiing.
It was warm and sunny- around 54 degrees. We decided to take Bridget the Yorkie and a picnic lunch and make a day of it! Remember those cheddar biscuits? Well, they were fantastic with ham and Havarti cheese! We also took some home made dill pickles, celery with home made ranch dip and a couple of protein bars to go with out water bottles.
We drove up Highway 50 from Highway 395, which is very close to the house. We like Highway 50 going up the mountain because it's 2 lanes, 50 MPH and there is a cement divider between the eastbound and westbound lanes. It wasn't a worry today with dry roads, but in the winter when it's snowy and icy...that's another story.
It took us about 25 minutes to get to our first stop at Zephyr Cove. We found out that there is a dog friendly beach there, with nice picnic tables and stunning views of Lake Tahoe.
Kevin drove up Highway 50 so I could keep Bridget the Yorkie occupied. She just loved the short hike to the beach! We walked around these beautiful rock formations- it was low tide-and she snuffled and chased imaginary lizards and had a grand time while we admired the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe.

 That ugly monstrosity in the picture is the Tahoe of the tour boats on the lake.

I have to say, as we drove up Highway 50 I gasped at the beauty of the huge and incredibly blue Lake Tahoe. It is a stunning view from the road, nestled between the mountains.

I just love the fact that a wild pine tree is growing at the water's edge of the lake!

We met a couple of other folks who were walking their dogs on the 'dog-friendly' beach area. Bridget was not ready to play with them just yet :) We did perch her on a giant rock to try and get a cute picture but she DID NOT LIKE IT!
We drove to Stateline near the big casinos- Montblu, Harvey's, Harrah's and Lakeside. No view of the Lake from the road, so we kept going.
We decided to check out Ski Run Drive and the entrance to Heavenly Ski Resort on the California side. Kevin and I have skiied the Gunbarrel run many times in the is a super steep mogul filled tight alley surrounded by rocks...just my kind of black diamond adventure! Not sure that Kevin's knees  can do the 'bumps' anymore, but it sure looked beautiful! We are willing to try as soon as we have some snow!
We ended up brown baggin' it in the parking lot on the Nevada side...near the Stagecoach Lift.
It was just beautiful!
Everyone here is very hopeful for a nice snowy winter- after two dry winters, there are lots of empty stores and lots of properties up for sale.
A little snow is predicted for this coming weekend, with Opening Day scheduled for Nov. 22!!!
I'm just asking everyone to PRAY FOR SNOW!!
I drove home while Kevin kept Bridget occupies. I took the Kingsbury grade down to Jack's Valley Road...a lot quicker, even though it's 2 lanes, very twisty, no cement barriers and 45 MPH but it only took about 20 minutes to get home. Very pretty, scenic drive with great views of the entire Carson Valley all the way home! Sorry no pictures- Kevin had his hands full with a squirmy Yorkie!

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