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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cheddar Biscuits and a GREAT section of the newspaper...

Every Wednesday, the Reno-Gazette Journal has a, "Food and Drink" section of the paper. Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week to read the paper due to the inclusion of this section!

I found out today that apparently, I am 'trendy' in the food world. I can't help myself; I just LOVE to try new things or things that are new to me. One of my favorite condiments is Vietnamese Fish Sauce. I discovered it years ago when it was served on the table in Vietnamese restaurants all over Orange County, CA. I usually have a bottle of it in the fridge and I use it frequently to flavor up all kinds of things- soups, sauces, marinades. Anyhow, the "Food and Drink" section had an entire article entitled, "Fish sauce might be the new kale.". Apparently, famous chefs have just discovered fish sauce and are using it in many dishes to add 'umami'...whatever that is:) According to Kikkoman, it's the 7th sense or something. Whatever. Fish sauce is delicious! Oh, and I've been eating (and growing) kale for years before it became trendy. Maybe the famous chefs should follow my blog to get the up and coming food trend flavors on the cutting edge...

I wanted to make something delicious for breakfast today, so I decided on Biscuits and gravy. Yes, I know, I've published my recipe before, but today I found a delicious new alternative that turned out fantastic, so I thought I'd share it with you!

Cheddar Biscuits

I only made one change- I used low fat buttermilk instead of fat-free milk. I also mis-read the directions and cut the rectangle of dough into 4 biscuits- not 8 like the recipe said to do! Anyhow, the biscuits were fantastic!

Here's what's left after breakfast...
I made chicken sausage gravy using chicken stock and fat-free half and half -again- instead of milk. Sorry, it's all GONE! no photos of that...

We are planning to drive up to Lake Tahoe today for a picnic lunch, so I'm thinking about using the last two biscuits to make ham and havarti biscuit sammiches. Yum.
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