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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Best BLT in the World!

This past weekend-ish, (Sat-Wed) Kevin and I went camping at beautiful Topaz Lake. We stayed there earlier this year in June and really enjoyed ourselves!

We decided to go camping for our 34th wedding anniversary. Yes, that is just who we are!
We had the most amazing views from our picnic bench for meals... the views out of the window over our bed in the morning.

We also had several memorable meals!
I try to make every meal special and delicious- even though I am primarily using a camp stove or BBQ.

One of our breakfasts turned out just fantastic. Kevin and I are fond of BLT sandwiches for breakfast once in a while. We both just like the combination of flavors. I recently found a recipe for a new twist on a BLT and it really brought the WOW factor!

I subscribe to a daily email site called, "Tasting Table". I love the recipes and frequently try them out. This version of a BLT sounded very interesting... The Best BLT in the World.

I had to make a couple of adjustments, since Kevin is not a big fan of lemon, and the mayo in the recipe is a lemon mayo...and of course, I forgot the lettuce, but I did bring an avocado.

I also used Trader Joes' Sheepherder's Bread on my griddle on the camp stove- but the results were delicious!

First, of course, I fried the applewood smoked Neiman Ranch bacon from Trader Joe's...then, I wiped the griddle clean and spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on one side of the bread. I fried it on the griddle until it was GBD (thanks, Alton Brown for the acronym for Golden Brown and Delicious). Next, I layered homegrown slices of Prudence Purple tomatoes, sliced avocado and the bacon on the bread and topped it with another GBD mayo fried slice of bread- I sliced it and voila! Amazing BAT (Bacon, Avocado and Tomato) sandwich!

I bet it would have been even better with some crisp lettuce in there...but, we were camping and the nearest store was in Gardnerville 20 miles away.

We also spent a lot of time kayaking around the lake.

Bridget the Yorkie was on the lookout for pirates...

and Kevin drowned worms and happily paddled around.

We also had a magical night watching the beautiful harvest moon at night.

We would love to go back again to Topaz Lake- there were only 3 couples camping in the RV Park at the same time- it was quiet and very peaceful. I also got a lot of reading done...I'm trying to read as many books as possible in 30 days with my free Kindle Unlimited account. I've managed to read 12 since August 15th...I've got 4 more to finish by September 15.
Hope you try the mayo fried BLT!!