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Friday, November 15, 2013

It Must Be Cold Outside...My Twinkle Star Orchids Are Blooming!!

A short post, but I hope you love the photo!

I bought two Twinkle Star Orchid plants at Trader Joe's in Rancho Santa Margarita in 2005 as a cute little 'decor' for our bathrooms while our home was up for sale. Orchids love a steamy bathroom and they were just so tiny and cute I couldn't go wrong!

Kevin brought them to me in March 2006 when I was longing for something green in Klamath Falls (it was still practically winter, then) He was still living in Rancho, getting ready to retire from the Sheriff's Department, and came to visit me for St. Patrick's Day weekend. The orchids made me so happy!

One of the interesting things about these orchids is that they bloom twice a year- in the late fall and in the late winter. I've kept them in a sunny window for the past 7 years...but I don't really have a shelf that is close enough to a sunny window in this little rental they are perched as close to the kitchen slider and full sunshine as possible!
They began to bloom this week....

The orchid is to the right of our White Ginger plant that is growing like crazy! Remember, we bought a 'stick' of a White Ginger when we were in Hawai'i in March earlier this year...isn't it beautiful?

Oh, and yes, I do use the molcajete on a regular basis to make salsa...thanks, Debbie Bloomgren for making me use one with fire roasted veggies! I still use the technique that you taught me so many years ago :)

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