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Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello and welcome! I decided to start blogging since I send out frequent LONG emails to family and friends accompanied by photos and my observations on life. I suppose my observations might be of interest to others- therefore, a Blog.
So a little background about me: I've been married 27 years to my best friend, Kevin. We have two wonderful sons, Patrick and Christopher and we are about to acquire a beautiful daughter-in-law, Melissa. Pat and Melissa will be married in June! We also have two Yorkshire Terriers (Gretchen and Bridget) and a German Shepherd. (Ceili)
I've lived my whole life in southern California, primarily in Orange County. Kevin and i decided to move to Klamath Falls Oregon after Kevin retired in 2006.
I enjoy reading, cooking, snow skiing, boating, and traveling. I can't say that I really enjoy golfing yet but I'm getting there...I just started lessons last summer.
I have had many occupations in my life- I've been a meter maid, a waitress, a Sheriff's Deputy, and a Catholic Youth Minister. I am currently a Director of Faith Formation in a Catholic Parish in Klamath Falls. It's a part-time position which is a good thing since Kevin is retired and he does enjoy my company now and then!