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Friday, December 19, 2014

Simple Holiday Decor

Since we have moved to this much smaller home in Carson City, we've had to scale back on lots of 'stuff' for the house- which is not a bad thing. Goodwill has certainly benefited from our bounty!

I just have a couple of displays for the Santa collection....

The China hutch/bar....

The Hoosier cabinet with Nativity scene...(the Baby Jesus is in hiding until Christmas Eve!)

and a new one...the front door!

I saw this idea on a decor blog and loved it! I gave away my vintage Christmas tree card holder, since we didn't have room for it in this house. I was wondering where I could put the Christmas I have the perfect space! And, they add a little holiday cheer to the front door!

I finally decorated the tree. I usually wait a little longer, but I saw this fabulous gauzy fabric at Costco for an incredibly good price, so I decided to just make the tree look pretty.

I usually decorate the tree  with pretty and sparkly ribbons. I am usually partial to red, but I went with a light green fabric this year and I think it turned out just beautiful! All the ornaments are either handmade by the kids, friends and family or are gifts that we have been given over the years.

It is fun to look at the ornaments and remember who made them for us or gave them to us. We have one that our nieces Erin, Colleen and Tricia made as a fundraiser for soccer; one from an au pair, Claudia, who embroidered it our first Christmas in our house in Rancho Santa Margarita; one from my Aunt Loretta who died years ago and one from my sister-in-law, Carla. We have one that is the footprint of my godson, Michel; several from my former supervisor Mary Ann, and several from our friends Dan and Kathie. We have blue ones that say, "Baby's First Christmas 1982" and "Baby's First Christmas 1986". We have "First Christmas Together 1980". We have a whole hockey themed section that were all gifts. We have several from St. Cecilia's School and San Francisco Solano parish that say, 'thanks for being a great volunteer". And of course, we have quite a few made by Pat and Chris when they were children in school.

It is especially nice to look at all of the ornaments and get a little teary-eyed this's our first Christmas with just the two of us.
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