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Friday, December 12, 2014

Getting Ready...

Usually, I try to not stress out during Advent.

If I don't get the Christmas cards out on time, well, they become New Year's cards.

I usually have all the Christmas gifts and donations prepared a couple of weeks before Christmas.
I decorate over the Thanksgiving weekend, and then slowly add more decorations throughout the month.

This year, I am trying to focus a little more on the season of Advent by reading 2 daily reflections.
I usually read the Little Blue Book in the morning, and Fr. Robert Barron's reflection on the internet in the evening. It gives me both a morning and evening perspective.

I don't do much baking since we don't really eat any sweets...well, we WOULD eat them if I baked them, but we don't miss them...much - ha ha!

The one thing I really missed this year (and last year, too!) was the Advent by Candlelight event. It's not done in this area.  My friend, Debbie, told me about this event a few years ago and I decided to introduce it to Klamath Falls. I am very proud that this event continues to be a wonderful gathering for women from both Sacred Heart and St. Pius X and their family and friends. At Advent by Candlelight, you hear an inspirational message, share a dessert and have a relaxing evening early in Advent. It is a lot of fun! Each table is sponsored by a hostess. She decorates the table, provides the dessert and drinks and invites female family and friends. At Sacred Heart, we asked each hostess to save a seat at the table for someone who is new to the community, or someone who is alone- or someone who would not be invited otherwise. We invited them to come to the event and meet new friends and have a lovely evening!

I loved seeing all the photos on Facebook of the Advent by Candlelight tables. It reminded me that I need to step up and stop feeling sorry for myself. Just because I haven't been needed in other areas of ministry doesn't mean I can suggest a new, once a year ministry that helps women to focus on the joy, peace and love of the season leading up to Christmas.

So, I am getting ready for this Advent...and next Advent.

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