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Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Advent

It's Advent, and I am going to try and blog daily for the season. I didn't reach my goal last year, but I am hoping I can do it this year! Thanks to Greg and Rebecca, who inspire me in this season!

Advent is a season of, well, patience, for lack of a better word. I am not  patient person. I want it now, I want to do it now, and I want to check off my list of stuff to do NOW. I remember as a very young patrol deputy sheriff, I was constantly being told to slow down. I was told that I had 20 years to do what I wanted to do...or I could do 1 year over and over. Thanks, PJ. You inspired me to do something different every year...even after I left law enforcement as a deputy.

I really still like to challenge myself to do something different each year. This past year, I had to challenge myself to get in better shape. A brief explanation- I worked in a very sedentary job from 2006-2013 as a Pastoral Associate at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. With my crazy schedule, I went skiing exactly once in all that time! I also gained a LOT of weight. This past year, I have really been watching both my health and weight and have reached a good goal- but I need to keep going to get to my goal!

I also wanted to grow spiritually this year. I have had a little bit of a spiritual crisis this past year- it's very difficult to just sit in the pew at Mass on Sunday and be part of the congregation. I decided to let it wash over me, pray the readings each week and do what I can, on my own. It KILLS me to not be the teacher, leader or director of classes, events and programs. It's been very humbling...but it's been a good experience. I began to re-examine just what I believe and why I believe it...especially in light of the death of my brother in law at age 52. I'm still working through all that, but I've made good progress.

At this point in my life, I am  sort of content...but still impatient.

I pray for my sons and their wives. I think that we gave Pat and Chris the best foundation possible based in Catholicism. We will see what the future brings for them. It's their choice. I hope they think about what they were given and how it has been a blessing for me and Kevin in our lives.

I pray for my family. It's hard to see us all getting older- especially our parents. Can't even go there right now...

I pray for my friends. We all have challenges in our lives and none of it is ever easy.

I pray for me and Kevin. We have a pretty good set up here in Nevada, but we are a little lonely. We haven't made friends yet, in spite of Church and work. Oh, some good acquaintances who have the potential to be friends...but it's mostly just the two of us.

So, for this Advent, we are waiting for...something. Yes, the commemoration of the Incarnation of Jesus...yes, for the time when He comes again, but also, for something new.

See you all tomorrow!

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