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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eggs Benedict

We were very lucky to have our eldest son and daughter-in-law (Pat & Melissa) fly in from the east coast for Christmas. Our youngest son, Chris, drove in from the Bay Area to join us, so we really had a fun family Christmas! We missed Chris's fiancee, Eleni, but she spent Christmas with her parents.

Some of the memorable moments from Christmas morning were Pat's 'Beanie with a Beard'...

Melissa's handpainted (by Chris) Florida State Seminole Football player Nutcracker...

Kevin's 'drone' for the home...

and Chris's crazy dress socks.

Melissa is a pretty fabulous cook, as are both Pat & Chris...hmmm, wonder where they get that from? They decided to make Eggs Benedict for breakfast...using Alton Brown's Hollandaise Sauce Recipe of course...whisking by hand, not using a blender...

Breakfast was DE-licious!

We had a lot of laughs playing board games, drinking some fantastic pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon wines and of course,  writing on a quote board some of the funny things we (mostly, I) said during the week...

"the presents are having rabbits"  (I meant that the presents were multiplying each day)
"Chris put your magnets on" (we had a magnetic block for the blowtorch heat vent in Chris's room)

The house is so quiet now that they are back in their respective homes.

We can't wait until the next visit!

Hope your Christmas was happy!

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