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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Advent Blogging Day Fourteen- A little Christmas Craft

I thought I'd write about a trendy craft item I made with a thrift store find. I'll use them for Christmas dinner this year!

These are chalkboard napkin rings. All things, 'Chalkboard' are very trendy right now, from Restoration Hardware to Crate and Barrel , from William-Sonoma to Etsy.

These are very easy to make! I collected a couple of sets of napkin rings from thrift stores in the area for 99 cents a set....bought some chalkboard paint at The Home Depot for $9.67  and  a set of 4 chalk markers at Michael's for around $9. I didn't really 'need' the chalkboard markers, but when you are a southpaw like me anything that helps to write straight is good! The chalkboard markers are much easier to handle and wipe away just like, they come in some fun colors!

I will also be using the chalkboard paint and chalk markers for several other projects.

First, I cleaned the napkin rings very well and dried them. Then, I sanded the plastic ones just a bit to help the paint stick.

Then, I applied three coats of chalkboard paint to each napkin ring, using a 1" wide foam paint brush. I let each coat dry for about an hour. The final coat I applied with a artist's brush to touch up spots.

I let them all dry for 24 hours, then, rubbed a piece of real chalk all over each napkin ring. This 'cures' the paint and makes it a great surface to write on with chalk or chalk markers.

I wiped them with a slightly damp cloth, and they were ready to go!

They should look good for Christmas!

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