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Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Blogging Day Six and....Transformed Vintage Glass

I mentioned yesterday that I was working on a project with vintage glass pieces I found at a local thrift/junk shop. Here are the pieces that I picked up...

One of the design/craft blogs that I enjoy reading is called Little Green Notebook. Jenny has some great ideas! I loved the one where she transformed thrift store glass into jewelry containers that look like Opaline Glass.

I did some copper colored pieces a few weeks ago to add some 'fall' color to my vanity...

my favorite one is the little candy dish with a couple of Yorkies.

This time, I thought I'd try to imitate mercury glass for Christmas decor. I used Krylon Chrome spray paint.

The technique is pretty easy. First, find a safe place to spray paint and make sure your paint can is warmed up! It's been in the single digits and teens this week during the day, so I left the spray paint in the house overnight and shook it up really well before spraying.  Then, I made a newspaper bed for the glass dishes. Make sure the dishes are really clean and dry. Flip the dishes over and spray a fine mist of water on the bottom of the dish. Spray with a light coat of spray paint. Gently blot the dish with paper towels.

Allow them to dry to the touch, and repeat. When they are completely dry (about 2 hours) spray with a clear coat of gloss to help protect the finish. (I used Rustoleum Clear Gloss) The clear coat will also help for the paint to adhere in the event you need to wash the dish. You don't need to spray paint the inside- the paint will be let a little light sparkle through! Let the dishes dry/harden overnight and they are ready to go!

I found another clear Mikasa Christmas Tree dish without gold trim at the same thrift store, without a label or box, so I went ahead and used that one :) It makes a perfect place to hold a nail brush in the guest bathroom! It also adds a little sparkle!

I placed the candy dishes in the guest room, on the dresser, with soap and shampoo for guests- as well as other things they might forget....

Isn't this a cute idea? I think I might be making more of these to match the decor every different season!
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