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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Blogging Day Eleven..."Out of Shape"

It creeps up on you silently, unknowingly...even as you feed it every day.
You decide to park your fanny on the couch after a long day of work and reward yourself with a couple of glasses of wine. Then, you eat half a bag of salty chips because you like the crunch. And you missed dinner.
You say, "I don't have time!" because you don't MAKE time.
You use the treadmill as a clothes hanger.
You take an extra portion at lunch and dinner because you skipped breakfast.
You stop by the Green Blade Bakery and devour a ham and cheddar croissant on your way to work because you didn't make the time to have breakfast...and then, pick up a box full of pastries 'for the office' and then, eat half of them.
Coffee and Donuts are your favorite part of the social time after Mass...especially those warm maple bars.
You taste a little (LOT) of everything at Church potlucks or parties.
Then, it happens.
You are, "Out of Shape" and FAT.
Today, the chickens came home to roost for me. Even though my actual chickens had to be coerced to go to the roost- well, you get the metaphor.
It's been a long time goal for both me and Kevin to live somewhere really close to a great ski area! We talked about chucking it all and moving to Mammoth for many years after we got married..."Someday, when we retire and the kids are grown up, we will sell everything and move to Mammy and be lifties and ski every day until we get free tickets when we are 70"...that kind of someday. (unless the state taxes are horrible- then we will move out of state- which we did)
We finally managed to at least move to a ski area this year- we are 30 minutes from the parking lot of Heavenly Mountain to the driveway of our house. We aren't working as lifties- um, yet- maybe next season?
And, we did manage to get season passes for Heavenly Resort and Kirkwood Resort and Northstar Resort
all of which are within an hour or less of our house in Carson City.
Today we hit the slopes.
I have not skiied for several years- between working days and nights and the crazy, dangerous road to Mt. Bachelor or to Mt. Shasta- I just had excuse after excuse to not ski. And truthfully, the past couple of years worth of medical issues with the dogs has kept me home.
Since we've moved to Carson City I was determined to get in shape for ski season.
I've gone for a walk and have been on the treadmill every single day. I've been lifting some light weights and doing sit ups and push ups. I've been watching what I shove in the pie hole, too.
Today, we got the show on the road and went to Heavenly to ski.
I thought I was gonna a good way. My legs just wouldn't cooperate in turning the way I wanted them to turn. I was wheezing and gasping walking up to the lift. I almost cried as I pushed with all my upper body strength to push myself to the lift. I had to stop frequently as I turned back and forth across the whole freakin' mountain to get down the hill...but in spite of nearly crying with pain, I loved every second of it.
And I realized just how 'Out of shape" I am.
But- we are heading back up the mountain tomorrow!
I love to ski and I will survive!
Maybe I'll even have some pictures tomorrow :)
I'm not gonna be fat and out of shape anymore! I'm gonna ski my ass, literally.

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