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Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring has Sprung and Chickens!

So, the girls are enjoying the false Spring weather we are having here in the Klamath Basin...taking over the raised bed planter...
I'd like to plant some golden beets next week, but until Kevin gets a new cover to keep the frost and chickens away, I think i will have to wait!
They have slowed down on the egg production. I'm getting about 2 eggs a day right now. I guess they are screwed up with Daylight Savings Time, too.
My dear friend, Lu Murphy, has been watching the antics of my chickie-girls for one full year! Their first birthday was March 1. She knows how I worry about them in the freezing cold, have heaters for their coop and water, and let them in the house to warm up now and today she surprised me with a 'chicken sweater' for the girls!
I brought it home and tried it on Foggy (Foghorn Leghorn) our Leghorn Hen who is at the top of the pecking order and the most friendly....
Yah, she didn't like the sweater. This is the sequence of what happened...I put the chicken sweater on her, tied it under her crop and about 15 seconds, it was off.

 Kevin said, "I told you,it would be a bib instead of a sweater.". I also tried it on Moa, since the other chickens have been picking on her (oh, how the times have changed! She was top chicken at one point) and she untied the ribbons in about 3 seconds and shrugged the sweater off. I couldn't even get the camera out to take a picture, and she had it untied and off!
So, I guess, the girls won't wear sweaters.
Sorry, Lu. It was a great idea if  you have cooperative chickens! My girls are far too spoiled to wear a sweater. I think they want to move back in the house. Sigh.
at least, we are going to have nice warm weather for the next 10 days or so.

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