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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Last of the Hawai'i pictures...

I wore my kukui nut lei to Mass & Religious Education Classes today. It reminded me that a week ago was our last night in Hawai'i. Kukui nuts are very useful little items...they were used as 15 minute 'candles' because of their hard shell and high oil content by the ancient Hawai'ians. The paste of the seed is a traditional ingredient in 'poke', it can be pounded into a paste that is like a soap, the charred nuts are used as an ink for tattoos, and leis are made from the polished seeds, too. The Kukui tree is the state tree of Hawai'i. Ya learn something new everyday!
Anyhow, we spent our last night in Kona at the Kona Islander Inn.

 This was a really pretty place! It's made up of individually owned condos that are rented out like hotel rooms. The top picture is the view from the lanai on Rich & Aarah's room and the bottom is the view from our room.
We had an amazing sunset to see on Saturday night.
And I took a pretty cute picture, too! So did Kevin :)

This is a photo of Rich and Aarah together! We loved our time with them on this beautiful Island!
On Sunday before we flew out, we went to a white sand beach just north of the Airport in Kailua, Kona.
It's a private golf community, with a public beach. It was absolutely beautiful. Yes, I could live here.

We drove to the airport afterwards and said good-bye to Hawai'i. I did buy a Plumeria and White Ginger plant to plant in the house (of course) so I can remember the scents that so captivated me! I'll post pictures if they sprout.
My only complaint on the whole trip is that in spite of all the fruity little cocktails I drank, I never got a drink with an umbrella in it.
While in the airport bar, waiting for our departing flight, we of course, had a drink. I was lamenting the lack of an umbrella in my drink to the bartender. She popped a umbrella into my pinot grigio and made my day!
Farewell, Hawai'i! We will be back! I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures and blog about Hawai'i as much as I have enjoyed actually visiting the Island!

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