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Saturday, March 9, 2013

13 of 20 micro climates in the world...Hilo area

We made a trip on our 'round the island' drive to the Hilo Area. It's not really representative of the entire area, since we only really drove through Hilo. OK, after 6 hours in the car, we were pooped out. Can ya blame us??

There are 13 out of the 20 micro-climates in the entire world on the Big Island and we visited most of them...Hilo is the rainforest and cloudy area.
These Banyan Trees are not native...but these particular trees were planted by famous people back in the 30' Amelia Earhart.
We went to the famous Rainbow Falls.....OK, it was cool, but it was in a residential area and there were lots of bugs. I wasn't too impressed.

And I was kinda unhappy I got bit by a did Kevin, and Aarah! Bad show, Hilo, bad show. But it worked out OK since Rich and Aarah carry some kind of miracle skeeter bite stuff that makes it all good. No huge swollen lumps (since I am allergic to bug bites- no epi-pen, but it's not fun) just a tiny reminder of my visit to the rain forest.
We arrived back at Rich and Aarah's to find a freakin' CENTIPEDE!
This one was dying...they get the house sprayed on a regular basis, so the critters are all dying when we actually see them...he's pretty ugly. If he bites you, it will hurt like hell. Thankfully, we didn't get bit...argh! 
 This was our dinner that night...a nice thick fillet of fish, with garlic, EVOO, pepper flakes, salt and pepper on the grill for 3 minutes per side, along with broccoli tossed in olive oil roasted for 15 minutes in the over and some fresh sliced tomatoes from the garden...YUM!

 And, more wine on the lanai. It was a good night. The view from the Hasse Home....just hanging out.

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