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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Alton Brown's English Muffins = Amazing Kitchen Smells

This "being retired thing" is pretty cool...I can get all kinds of projects done and still take Bridget for a brisk walk every day...among other things!
We are still settling into the rental house. Slowly but surely, we are finding a place for everything. I just finished sanding, priming, painting and waxing a cool vintage dresser for the guest room. Kevin complained that it doesn't match anything else in the room, but I do love it! The color is called, "Chocolate silk" and it is very pretty!

 The guest room is the only room sort of 'done' in the house. you can see Great-Grandma's mirror on the wall; my antique dresser with cute casters; the two antique sewing tables and the antique glass lamps; my recent garage sale find of a luggage rack for guests; Great-grandma's artwork on the walls and the newly painted dresser. I think I'm going to move the dried arrangement to the new dresser- it's filled with dried blackberry lily branches and feather grass from the backyard in a beautiful golden glass vase that Eleni (Chris's fiancee) gave us for Christmas. It's very striking and the dresser needs something besides the electric blanket controller!
I have several other projects going on right now- I am chalk painting a (FREE!) REALLY crappy 90's dresser; I am sanding and refinishing some (FREE!) oak kitchen cabinets for the garage and I am picking up a (FREE!) storm door tomorrow for the front door. Our entry way is covered and it's REALLY dark- we don't have any windows on the front of the house in the main living area, so we thought a storm door would let in some much-needed light and maybe a cross-breeze in nice weather. Thanks, Craigslist!
Anyhow, I was thinking about making something different for breakfast this week. We have had the boring usual suspects that I have rotated through my breakfast repertoire since I retired; bacon and eggs, waffles, BLTs, omlets, fruit salad, eggs in a biscuit, cereal, pancakes, smoothies, french toast, chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, etc.
I was watching Diners, Drive -Ins and Dives and saw a place that featured homemade English muffins. That got me hard could it be? I know I could go to the store and BUY English muffins, but now that I have the time and inclination???
Anyhow, I found a very well recommended recipe by...ALTON BROWN! Yep, my ol' faithful cooking buddy has an amazing recipe that sounded easy enough...Alton Brown's English Muffins
I read up a little more and found some tweaks to make the perfect English muffins- you know, full of nooks and crannies to get every last bit of delicious butter or hollandaise sauce? That kind of English muffin.
I found a site that recommended adding some yogurt to the 'wet' mix and some baking soda to the dry mix, and to let it 'proof' overnight in the fridge. Which I my trusty wooden bowl (used for pizza dough proofing-usually)
I also didn't have any English muffin rings, but I discovered that I could use clean, greased and floured wide mouth canning rings. Well, I have a zillion of those around!
After slowly crisping the top and bottom in my skillet, I finished them in the oven...and OH MY!! They turned out heavenly!
I 'forked' them open (Kevin taught me the right way to open an English muffin when I first met him, working at the Plankhouse in Cypress during brunch- he was the chef and I was the 'hostess with the mostess') and toasted them and filled them with butter, Canadian Bacon and cheddar cheese. YUM. I can't tell you how amazingly good they were! You should try this recipe- it takes a little time, but it's well worth it in the end!
Sorry, no pictures of the finished product- we ate them too fast :) Maybe Eggs Benedict tomorrow- I also make a delicious home made hollandaise sauce...
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