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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blue Apron Three Cheese Cannelloni

Kevin and I decided to start a subscription with Blue Apron . This is basically a food delivery service, using the finest fresh ingredients to create wonderful meals at home. Everything you need is included in the weekly box. Since we got the first week for free, we thought it would be a good idea to explore this type of service. I also wanted the chance to try some new and fresh recipes.

We received our first box last week. It is a very sturdy box, lined with a refrigerator bag and several ice blocks to keep the food fresh and cold. All of the produce were top of the line- nothing was damaged or wilted or not in perfect condition. Considering we had things like lacinato kale, collard greens, beets, frisee, fresh pasta sheets,fontina cheese and coconut yogurt, I'd say that was quite an accomplishment!

 This was the contents of the first box...

I made the first recipe, goat cheese, beet and apple sliders with a warm frisee and fingerling potato salad on the day it was delivered. YUM! Each recipe has a clear and detailed recipe card with color photos and step by step instructions. It also has a list of ingredients, the cooking time and the calories per serving.

This actually made 4 servings.

Last night, I made the Three Cheese Cacannelloni for dinner. It also made 4 servings. Guess what we are having for lunch today? Ha ha!

First, I laid out all the ingredients and the recipe card.

I prepped the fresh ingredients....butternut squash, thinly sliced red onion and garlic and stemmed and chopped lacinato kale...I was also enjoying an adult beverage while cooking...

I cooked the vegetables and added the parmesan and ricotta cheese to make the filling...

prepped the fresh pasta sheets and stuffed them...

made the bechamel sauce with fontina cheese...

and baked the cannelloni for 30 minutes.

It was amazing!

I added a small salad and a glass of wine, and we had a delicious dinner!

So far, both of the meals I have made from Blue Apron have been delicious, unique and fairly easy to prepare. Each box has three complete dinners, which will help with meal planning. I think I am going to get it delivered twice a month, but this is an easy for folks like us! The 2 person plan is about $60 a week.
I am very pleased with our meals so far...stay posted for more updates! #blueapron
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