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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Magic Dust

Every once in a while, don't you wish there was some actual Magic Dust you could spread around to make everything right? Yah, I know. We all think it- we just don't say it out loud. We are 'grown up', after all.

Well, I found some Magic Dust that you can spread around...and it makes an awful lot of things right!

I was so intrigued by this post I got from Tasting Table about Shane Lyon's Magic Dust that I decided to try it!

I used nutritional yeast quite a bit last Lent when I ate a vegan diet for 7 weeks. I loved the sort of salty, funky-but-delicious flavor and have bought it on a regular basis to add to savory spice blends.It's available in health food stores in bulk- which is the way to buy it...much cheaper! I also found out that it is the secret ingredient in of my favorites for years! Anyone remember going to Rutabegorz Restaurant in Fullerton, CA back in the late 70's? It was on every table and that's when I fell in love with Spike!
This is nutritional yeast...AKA 'noosh'.

Anyhow, the only thing I couldn't find is gochugaru...which apparently is a spicy smoked paprika-type Korean spice. Well, I found it on Amazon of course, Here but I don't think I'd use a POUND of it in several years, so I took Shane Lyon's suggestions and substituted smoked paprika. I only had the regular smoked paprika, so I added 1/2 teaspoon of chili flakes to the cumin seeds and toasted it a bit and ground it up in the spice grinder.

Yum! This is like Frank's Red Hot can put this on everything!

We tried it on popcorn, and let me tell you, it magic.

Tonight, it's going on our grilled zucchini and Jacques Pepin's 'Smashed Potatoes'.  I might even sprinkle some on the pan fried, thin cut, rib eye steaks...served with grilled onions and garlic. I'll let you know how it turns out!

I hope you try this- it is truly delicious!
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