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Monday, April 21, 2014

Lambie, Lambie, Lambie

When our Yorkie Gretchen was alive, her daily joy was playing with 'Lambie'. Lambie was a stuffed animal that was, well, a lamb, and Gretchen carried Lambie in her mouth, chased her when she was thrown across the room and um, rolled all over it and 'humped' it after dinner every single day. Yah, I know, gross. Whatever. Gretchen was a very dominant female Yorkie and I can't apologize for her animal behavior! We had 'Lambie' cremated with Gretchen so they would be together forever.
Anyhow, that's where the title of my post originated:)
After 7 weeks on a fat free vegan diet (I started a week before Lent) I lost 13 lbs. and feel in much better shape! I am planning to keep up with the healthy habits- daily exercise with very limited fat and meat- but for Easter Sunday, I gave in and made a delicious, boneless leg of lamb on the BBQ.
I remembered how much I LOVE meat.
Now, I know that most animals butchered for human consumption will feel pain, suffering and fear and it is an ugly process. Not all of it is done humanely or even antiseptically. There are many examples of when animal butchering is done in unsanitary conditions that result in food poisoning or worse for people who eat the products. If you watched, Forks Over Knives or read, Eating Animals or watched/read anything  from PETA you might not ever eat meat again...I get that part and believe me, it is powerful proof.
However, I do try to purchase meat products that are humanely butchered...or as many of you know, I raised my own chickens for eggs! Those chickens were treated better than most children in the USA! Just read some of my previous blogs...anyhow, I do think that those who humanely treat and butcher their animals deserve my business. So, I bought the smallest boned leg of lamb from a reputable farm that I could find and marinated it for 24 hours.
I used Ina Garten's recipe (slightly altered) for BBQ leg of lamb- which I have used several times in the past, since it is FANTASTIC!
I was not disappointed.
Here is her recipe...Ina Garten's BBQ Leg of Lamb
and the way that I adjusted it was to reduce the amount to HALF...since I had about a 2lb. piece of boneless leg of lamb...
and I didn't use any olive oil. I also used less rosemary and added some dried oregano to the yogurt.  I also used fat free greek yogurt for the marinade.
Holy Smokes, it was FANTASTIC!
Here's the lamb with the marinade scraped off...

Here's the lamb on the BBQ...

a little char, a little medium rare...
and here it is on the plate for EASTER dinner!
Steamed asparagus, corn on the cob and ...Lambie, Lambie, Lambie...

It was incredibly delicious!
Yes, I finished off the lamb at breakfast and dinner on Monday...I'll be back on the vegan bandwagon on Tuesday...with some limits. I'm thinking the whole 'nutritarian' and 'flexitarian' diet might be more my speed..but I hate to say that I have lost my taste for dairy.
Oh well. I do love veggies!

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