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Monday, August 12, 2013

White Zucchini Cake with broiled frosting

This is the best cake I've ever eaten!
You all probably know I love to read multiple blogs on a daily basis- mostly food, politics and Catholic! One of my favorites is An Oregon Cottage. Jami has a beautiful blog with fantastic recipes! Since I am on a zucchini kick with the garden producing a ton of fresh zucchini, I tried her recipe for a white zucchini cake with a broiled frosting. Zucchini Cake
I made a few changes since I didn't have any cornstarch, and I used pecans (and doubled!) the amounts for the frosting- but I have to say, this is fantastic!
By the way, that's the rib eye steak I grilled for Kevin's birthday dinner in the background, behind the shredded white part of the zucchini. Oh, and I didn't waste the green- I made that fantastic marinated zucchini slaw for the parish picnic on Sunday and used all the green parts of the zucchini! Nothing to waste...
I creamed together the oil (grapeseed) butter and sugar...added the flour mixture alternating with milk...

tossed in the zucchini and then, whipped the fresh egg whites (from my girls!!) to fold in gently.
I made the broiled frosting and set it aside... poured the batter into the pans and baked.

30 minutes later, the cakes were done and after they cooled, I poured the frosting on and broiled for 5 minutes!
I placed one round on top of the other and brought it to the parish picnic along with the zucchini slaw. It was one of the first desserts to go..everyone was asking what was in the cake! Ha Ha! ZUCCHINI!!
You have got to try this! Thanks, Jami for a wonderful recipe!
We enjoyed this greatly at our Church picnic!

And we all enjoyed 'Mass on the Grass' in the Cathedral in the Trees...the giant pines in the picnic area of Moore Park, Klamath Falls!
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