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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snow and the Chicks

Foggy refused to exit the coop yesterday. We had a little snowstorm (usual for Memorial Day!) and she did not like the snow. She made little chicken noises of distress....and paced back and forth in the run.
She finally jumped out and walked around a little bit with the other girls...
But she was very vocal about her objection to the cold white stufff!
Of course, by today, we had snow, rain, hail, sunshine and wind...again. Here are the girls relaxing in the garden, hanging out on the tomato cages. We keep catching them trying to eat the squash plants....I am hoping we will at least get a zucchini plant to maturity! Oh, and the green things are called "Walls of Water". Greatest invention for gardeners who have a very short growing season and unpredictable spring/summer weather!
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