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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Kevin decided to surprise me and take me with him fly fishing on Spring Creek today. We had a freeze last night- not sure the yellow squash is going to make it!- so it was very cold when we headed out this morning after a BLT breakfast.
He offered to let me wear his winter neoprene chest waders. They almost fit. NOT!
OK I looked like a moose wading in the water, but it was pretty cool! By the way, the water was FREEZING cold!

I stayed in the water and took some awesome pictures downriver...

And, eventually, I took some pictures of Kevin actually fishing ....

He didn't catch anything, but, it was a lot of fun!
I love living here.....snow, rain, thunder, lightning, sunshine, clouds, gardening, fly fishing, new truck buying...all in one weekend!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone...and NEVER forget the sacrifice of our veterans. Kevin's Dad is a Vet of the Korean War, our son Patrick is a Veteran of Iraqi Freedom...and we have many friend who have served over the years....we honor them all this weekend.

Last night, we watched, "The Devil's Brigade", and tonight we will watch, "The Longest Day"...and tomorrow, I can rest assured that we will most likely watch, "Heartbreak Ridge", "Glory" (best movie EVER) ,"The Dirty Dozen", " The Outlaw Jesse Wales", "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" and "In Harm's Way.". Maybe "The Big Red One" or "A Bridge Too Far"...all of which we own on DVD.

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