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Monday, October 6, 2014


It's been a tough few weeks in the Laughlin household. My dear brother-in-law, Jeff Laughlin, was in the hospital for a month and succumbed to an infection at the age of 52.
It's been very hard on all of us who loved him and his family.
We had a very solemn and tear-filled Mass of the Resurrection for Jeff on Friday at Holy Family Catholic Catherdral with all of the family gathered, followed by a very fun celebration of life with many toasts to Jeff at the Tustin Ranch Golf Course.

Our son Patrick was able to attend and our son, Chris, attended with his fiancee, Eleni. So did many of our extended family members.
Chris had the great idea to hit a bucket of balls in Jeff's memory- Jeff LOVED to golf and was a very good golfer!
All of the Laughlin cousins participated.

We also took several photos of all the Laughlin cousins together...
 We were happy that so many people attended the service and celebration to honor Jeff- he was such a big personality and had a big heart to match.
It was an honor to be there for him.

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