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Friday, August 29, 2014


We went to the JA Nugget Ribfest today for the first time! It was a lot of fun with great food and wonderful's the link if  you 'happen' to be in the Reno, NV area through September 1, 2014...JA Nugget Ribfest
This is an annual event that attracts over 500,000 people each year. All of the big BBQ winners are here...and the competition is fierce to get that first place trophy!
We got to go because Kevin's company, Sportsman's Warehouse, Carson City NV bought a table for the Corporate lunch and Kevin was invited to attend as one of the Carson City representatives! Apparently, they like him :)
While Kevin was chowing down on free ribs from top BBQ places around the country and washing it down with free suds, I was walking around. This event is HUGE!
I got a couple of photos of some of the competitors...

The Carson City Sportsman's Warehouse carries BJ's sauces and rubs....they are pretty good!! They are a Nevada BBQ place.

That's Kevin in the brown shirt in front of 'Back Forty'...we laughed because there is a great restaurant in Klamath Falls called, "the Back Forty" and St. Pius X parish in Klamath Falls calls the grassy area, 'the back forty'. We thought it was funny!

 Kevin thought these were the best ribs, overall...Rasta Joe's

We also were proud to see Carson City represented...their sauce and rub is fantastic...and presently in our 'fridge and pantry...

MY favorite booth was the Fried Artichoke Booth...they had crab and shrimp stuffed deep fried artichokes, fried artichoke hearts and GARLIC fried artichoke hearts...guess which ones I ordered?? Ha contest, you all know I LOVE garlic fries- so, why not garlic fried artichoke hearts?

With a little Parmesan cheese; why, yes, thank you very much!
It was a very fun and delicious/smelicious event! Some of the BBQ booths had giant fans blowing the scent from the cooking ribs into the crowd!

This roasting pig was my favorite 'optic' of the day...

This band was my favorite entertainment of the day...

This was the one place I would not try....alligator? Eeeewww!

And this is for my friend, David O'Neill....Aussies are pretty Aussom.

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