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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day and a great appetizer!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!
It all started on Saturday, when I arrived home from work. On the porch was an enormous box filled with the most beautiful two dozen lilies from Pat & Melissa, my oldest son and daughter in law. They know how much I love fresh flowers!

Kevin announced that he was taking me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner-El Charro Avita. I had my favorite meal- red posole. Posole is a delicious, brothy, pork and hominy soup. It's garnished with chopped onions, cilantro, radishes and lettuce. Yum! I also had a 'rocks' Margarita that was delicious.
Sunday was also a wonderful day! Chris, our youngest son, called and sent me a couple of books for my Kindle- he knows how much I love to read- and Pat & Melissa called by Facetime to show us their newly completed yard and raised bed planters.
Kevin took me to a late brunch at Bodine's Casino Restaurant. After brunch, went for a drive along the Carson River and took Bridget with us. When we got home, we planted the rest of the tomatoes and hung out in the sunshine on the patio.
That's when i decided to make this fabulous appetizer!
Halloumi cheese is a Middle Eastern/Turkish/Greek specialty. It's a semi-firm cheese made from sheep or goat's milk that is perfect for grilling or frying. I haven't seen it in very many places so when I found it at Trader Joe's earlier this week, I knew it would be a special treat!
I removed the cheese from the package, rinsed it (it is packed in a salty brine) and patted it dry. I drizzled some olive oil on both sides and fried it quickly on both sides- about 2 minutes per side, until it was browned and crispy.

I topped it with some zaatar and served with pita crackers.
It was crispy on the outside and melty-creamy on the inside! Delicious!

Dinner was another favorite- corn on the cob, grilled ribeye (for Kevin) and grilled lamb steak with roasted asparagus and salad!
The evening ended with q phone call to my Mother...the best mother in the world...

Kevin and I toasted Mother's Day with a lovely glass of Bogle Pinor Noir.
I hope you all were able to celebrate Mother's Day with wonderful memories and in the company of those you love!
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