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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reno and Bridget the Yorkie

We made a trip to the Reno area this past week. We usually board the dogs, but since we are now down to one dog, Bridget the Yorkie, we decided to find a pet-friendly casino/hotel so we could bring her with us on this trip. She's only 3 lbs. and she is portable! She is so perfect when we take her camping in the trailer and is a real trooper- how could a casino/hotel be different?? We found a terrific deal on for the Grand Sierra in Reno. It's a pet-friendly hotel with a small pet fee and if you book on (or Expedia) you get some nice perks like $25 worth of food and drink credits at the Grand Sierra Restaurants or $25 in play credit in the casino. You also get an amazing rate, compared to the Grand Sierra rates.
Bridget loved the room.

As a matter of fact, she loved all the attention she got from EVERYONE in the hotel- security, guests, drunk Burners, (more on that later) housekeepers...everyone wanted to pet her, hold her, give her olives (drunk Burners) tell her what a cute puppy she is...(she's 10 for God's sake!) And they always wanted to stop me when I was enroute to take her out for an emergency potty break. Awesome. She pee'd on the carpet and floor twice in the casino, but everyone thought it was sooo cute (she would have made it outside if you hadn't insisted on stopping me in my pajamas to tell me how cute she is at 11PM or 6AM, you idiot!) but the staff didn't seem to mind, even though I was embarrassed as all hell. Oh, well.
We did learn a couple of things on this trip.
I don't care how AWESOME the Burning Man thingee is, I will probably NEVER go. The Burners (Burning Man attendees are called 'burners') who decided to hang around for the whole week -after Burning Man ended- in the Grand Sierra Resort STILL refused to bathe, even while staying in a nice hotel, and STILL insisted on acting like they were on the playa in the dust...playing bongos all hours of the day and night in the bar, begging for change in the pool area, asking EVERYONE if they could give them a ride to Denver, Colorado and wearing the strangest combination of clothing (or lack thereof) I've ever seen. Sorry, It's not any kind of ART that I've ever appreciated....and that's a stretch.  Escher or Warhol would have been uncomfortable with the drugged and drunk, black skirt and squirrel-coat top hat with pink flower dangling earring wearing, silver spangled high heel wearing old dude(probably about 70) with half shaved head, half long dyed pink pony tail that tried to give Bridget a green olive from his martini  at 6AM (I so wish I had my camera)  with his equally fully tattooed nearly naked probably just turned 21 green shaved headed female companion who was wearing a bathing suit top with a black thong and black fishnet stockings and doc marten boots....oh yah, still covered in DUST on Thursday. (Burning Man ended on Monday) And, they both smelled like they hadn't bathed in a couple of weeks. Or the guy dressed like a pirate in the bar....covered in dust for three days running...ARGH.
The other thing we learned is that Bridget the Yorkie prefers the fresh burger patties from In N Out instead of the frozen and cooked burger patties from McDonald's or Burger King. She also really likes filet mignon cooked medium rare....but well done is not to her taste.
Another thing we learned is that we need to leave Bridget the Yorkie at the Double C Spa when we go to Reno. She was a total pain when we wanted to go down stairs to get a drink, or to gamble or to EAT DINNER at Charlie Palmer's Steakhouse on our 33rd Anniversary! She yelped and cried LOUDLY if we tried to leave the room, so we had to cancel those plans....hence the reason we know all about fast food burgers and her preference.
At least we were able to have a couple of very lovely meals from Room Service...sigh.
Anyhow, I did send Kevin downstairs with our $25 coupon and he won $ at least we didn't lose gambling...and we are pretty sure we have found a nice place to stay for the Fall/Winter in Carson Valley to see if we really like it. Hopefully it will work out- it's 20 minutes away from Heavenly Ski Area. I can't wait for lots of SNOW!!!
We spent a lovely afternoon touring the Mormon Station in Genoa (It's pronounced Gen OH AH) which was the first settlement in Nevada back in the 1850s and they had an antique car/motorcycle parade going on...

and today, on our way home, we saw the beginning of a beautiful hot air balloon festival in Reno...
I think we are going to really enjoy this area!!
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